This is the page that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling towards our planet!

One of the (very many) reasons we set up Little Kitchen Social was to try and find a way of reducing the amount of waste plastic we produce when feeding our children.

The pouches you buy from the shops, whilst incredibly useful, are also almost non-recyclable*. The manufacturers will tell you they can be recycled but I challenge you to find more than a handful of their special recycling drop-off points. And, in our humble opinion, it's all very well planting a tree or three, but until we solve the actual problem of plastic in our packaging the pollution, rubbish, landfill (we could go on) problem is only going to get worse.

So in order to combat this we are doing our very best to use recyclable / biodegradable / compostable materials for our packaging. All of our products are in all natural, fully biodegradable and home compostable packaging.

Our beautiful weaning pouches made of rice & potato starch and will totally disappear in your compost / flowerbed within 8 weeks.

Then there is the Stage 2 packaging which is a card box with some parchment paper - that's it! 

And finally our toddler pots are made from kraft paper, so with a little rinse after use, they can go in the recycling or in your food waste caddy (check your local council rules on this one).

We use British wool insulation and unbleached cardboard boxes for our delivery. Our shipping boxes have little puzzles or place settings on them so can be used by your little ones before they are recycled.

The only thing we haven't managed yet is to find an ice or gel pack that is not made of plastic. You can of course reuse them. But if you have limited freezer space, the contents are non-toxic and can be poured down the drain and the outer pack can be recycled with your plastic bags at supermarkets. But we're working on it, so bear with us we'll figure something out.

If you have any questions about our packaging or any suggestions on how we can improve it please get in touch by clicking HERE.​


*The companies that make these have large recycling sections on their websites, please go to their websites for more information. Parts of their packaging are technically recyclable although it's a difficult and complicated process.