Upon the arrival of her first child in late 2018, while experiencing the highs and euphoria of seeing her baby develop, Annabel suffered from severe Post Natal Depression and found even getting out of bed, let alone leaving the house with her baby a struggle.

It was then that she and a group of new parents began to get together to do big batches of cooking for their babies. Unbeknownst to most of the group, they were providing an incredible lifeline of friendship and support to Annabel while she tackled her depression. Little Kitchen Social was born.

Fast forward to 2021 and Annabel now has two children. She has a qualification of Nutrition in Culinary Practice from Leith's. She is very much on road to recovery from her post natal depression and determined for Little Kitchen Social to not only be a source of great food for babies and toddlers, but also a vital platform through her personal and social media presence of over 1000 followers, for people to understand mental health and well-being changes that new parents can experience.