Baby & Toddler food from Lune + Wild

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Whether you're just beginning the weaning process with your babies, adding different textures and flavours or you have moved into the world of toddler meals, Little Kitchen Social is here to help make feeding your little ones a much simpler process. 

Simple & Vibrant Purees (6 months +)

The first 3 steps to easing you and your baby into weaning gently are right here!

We use beautiful seasonal vegetables and a few herbs to start your baby's life long love of food.

All the pouches are gluten, dairy, nut, meat and fish free.

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Hearty Little Meals (8 months +)

We have created these little meals to be the perfect next step when it comes to weaning your baby. Once happy with simple fruit or vegetable purees, these dishes will start to develop your baby's palate as they grow.

Delivered freshly frozen.


Stress Free Mealtimes (12 months +)

These comforting little pots are the perfect size for a busy toddler! The menu is much closer to 'traditional' adult food and can be ready in as little as 3 minutes!

Delivered freshly frozen in individual pots ready for your freezer.


Need to another order- the food is absolutely brilliant. So much better than all of the store stuff.I love cooking but sometimes I just don’t have the time. And knowing this is made hand made by another mum is amazing

Ali - June 2020

Just wanted to say that the meals were delicious, and my son loved them! It was such a relief knowing that all his meals were super healthy and sorted beforehand! Thank you very much and you will receive other orders from me!!

Beatrice - August 2020

Just wanted to say that the food is great (I love the eco packaging) and it’s so reassuring to be able to feed my daughter something that looks and tastes like proper food when I can’t cook myself rather than using the emergency Ella packets.

Niki - May 2020